1. Alright Chris. How are you and what things are going on right now?
things are good, i am in california filming last minute for the new blood video. hotwax video is doing well and is getting a positive response which is awesome. so all in all things are great.
2. The hotwax video has just been released and everybody is stoked about it. are you already filming for another hotwax video and when can people expect the new blood video?
new blood will be coming really soon like a month or so. hotwax is considering doing another one but we kinda just wanna reflect for a little bit on the last one. but when the times right you might see another
3. People have noticed that you will have your own pro model shoe on fallen. what can you tell us about it?
it is a thinner shoe. looks awesome i think. people have been psyched on its looks. it is a mix of my favorite shoes of all time. it has padding but not much so you can feel your board. it last long and i love it
4. Considering fear, are you ever scared while skating? Of what things?
if i cant jump out of a rail, like it is too long that if you dont put your board on it you will die. i hate those, that isnt fun to me. almost everything i do is fun in some way to me and that is how i keep up the same love for it i had as a kid
5. A trick you've landed that you don't think you'll ever land again.
anytrick flatground can be done again. i dont think i will ever be able to front board that long ledge in dying to live ever again if i were to try.
6. Which trick are you most surprised that you landed, and which are you most proud of?
the last trick i mentioned
7. Do you have any special tricks in mind that you are planning to do in the future, or what's the way you act?
i will plan some stuff but i usually just feel it out when i'm there. doesnt everyone?
8. What gets you most psyched?

- A Skate demo in a good park with a crazy crowd cheering
- A good session at a laid back spot with your homies
- A tour with your teammates
- Being Brent performing a song on the guitar
hotwax skate posse sessions. when eveyone is skating good and having a great time
9. I use to think that of skateboarding as an art, so the devoted skateboarders must be artists, and therefore often talented in other arts as well. (Like you being involved in music). Do you have any reflections about that point of view?
we develope in such a precise way that we get great at thinga like physics, and problem solving. but we focus so tightly on skating that we forget everything else on earth. so in a way we all become savants.
10. What makes you
friends, love, accomplishment
everything, i have a hair trigger
i am a mood taker, if someone else is sad i will be. if my lady is sad i will be. things like that
11. When looking back on your days in skateboarding, is there any specific period of time you like the most, or are things just going on for you right now.
when your living the best times you dont know it till later. so it always seems life was better before. but in 7th thrue 12th grade i had the time of my life being a kid. but now i am having the time of my life being what i am now
12. What future plans do you have ? Could you imagine having your own company, maybe with the other hotwax guys?
i could but i see how much it takes to run companies and i am over it.
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