This is a must have for every THPS 3 freak.

You just have to rename the files and copy it into your Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 3 folder. Then you can play the game with every Chris Cole pro model deck.

To do this just click the link on the bottom of the page or click the picture below and save the file on your PC. Then you have to extract the zip file into any folder (you will need winzip for this) . You can find all the original textures of the decks of THPS 3 in the folder
Just go there and you will see all the textures. Then search for one which is pretty ugly and you don´t want to use. For example the file with the name "casB04". If you want to overwrite this one you have to go into the folder with the Chris Cole textures and give one file the name "casB04" (e.g. the vampire deck). Then copy it into "THPS3\Data\Textures\Boards". That´s it, now you can use the Chris Cole deck. If you overwrite a file with the name casB* then you´ll find your deck at the custom skater decks. If you overwrite a file with the name muska* then it will be at muska´s decks and so on.

To be sure to have all decks available just enter "givemesomewood" at the cheat options.
You can also use a different griptape this way.
For that reason I designed a spacial HOT WAX griptape as Chris Cole it rides.
To use this just act the same way like you would use a deck (read above).